Choosing Shades Color and Texture

After looking at the seemingly limitless window covering options available from Al’s Window Tinting and Window Treatments, you have decided which type of shade you want. Now you have to select the color and texture.

Textures and Shades in Clearwater Florida

With patterned walls or draperies, keep it simple – If you already have texture or patterns on your walls because of wallpaper or a painting or plastering technique, limit the pattern in your shades to keep the room from looking too busy. Consider honeycomb shades in a neutral color to blend in since the room has quite a bit of visual interest.

The same goes for shades that will be paired with draperies. An unobtrusive roller shade is the perfect backdrop to beautiful custom curtains or valances. Because draperies are showier to begin with, use them to add more texture to a room with trims, buttons, or tassels.

Texture affects the mood of a room – Texture not only adds interest to a room, it affects the mood as well. A roller shade with a sleek, silky finish is clean and modern, a woven wood shade with grasses and reeds is cozy and casual.

Shade Color is Important

Decide if you want your shades to blend or stand out – Window shades can make a statement or just serve a purpose. If you have plenty of other color in your room, or you like keeping everything neutral, stick with shades that blend in with the color of your walls or window trim. Screen shades in white or cream can disappear against painted trim, and woven woods pair nicely with stained trim. If your room is feeling kind of blah, shades in bright or contrasting colors can add a much-needed splash of color.

Think about what type of mood you want to set – Red, orange, or yellow shades can bring warmth and life to a room, but they can also make your room feel smaller. Greens and blues are more peaceful. Neutral colors are also calming and provide a quiet backdrop for the other colors in your room.

Colors can affect visibility and energy efficiency – Contrary to what one might think, darker shades can actually be more translucent than light ones, so they provide a better view. But lighter color shades are better at blocking heat from the sun, which can definitely be an asset in Florida.

A Couple Final Tips

Before falling in love with any particular texture or color for your shades, decide how long you plan on keeping them. If you like to change them frequently, then getting a trendy color or pattern is fine. If you look at them as more of a long-term investment, select something that is more timeless.

After you’ve made that decision, find your inspiration in other people’s homes, hotels, restaurants, or magazines and schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts. We serve the Greater Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Beach cities, and we look forward to helping you find the right color and texture for your shades.