Window Shades in Clearwater Florida

Aptly nicknamed “The Sunshine State,” Florida definitely has its share of sunny days. And while this may be what made you decide to move here, you still need the occasional break from the heat and light. At Al’s Window Tinting & Custom Window Treatments we understand this need, and think window shades and sheers are both great options for those times when you need a little, or a lot, of shade.

Roller shades – Probably the most well-known of all window shades, roller shades today have an updated look yet remain very functional. The new clutch system designed by Hunter Douglas makes operating roller shades simple, and optional headrails and bottom treatments dress them up. They are available in many colors, patterns, and types of materials ranging from room-darkening fabrics to sun-filtering screen shades.

Roman shades – Similar to roller shades, Roman shades are made from one solid piece of material, but they provide a very different look. Instead of rolling up on a rod at the top of the window, Roman shades gather in folds as you raise them, giving a softer look to your window. Roman shades are a great alternative if you want the look of draperies in a high-traffic area or other places where long, loose fabric isn’t practical.

Woven wood shades – For a more natural look, consider woven wood shades. Incorporating wood, grasses, and reeds, these shades bring beautiful texture to your windows and operate like roller shades or Roman shades. They can also be lined to provide increased light control.

Honeycomb shades – If you are looking for an energy-efficient window treatment, look no further. The unique cellular structure of honeycomb shades keeps your air-conditioning inside and the heat of the sun outside. Cells can have multiple layers to increase protection, or the shades can have double or triple layers of cells. The increased layers of cells also help with noise reduction. Honeycomb shades come in numerous colors and range from light-filtering to room darkening.

Sheers for Your Tampa Bay Home

Sheers today are more than just light fabric hanging from curtain rods. They are versatile window treatments that pair nicely with draperies and valances, or are beautiful by themselves.

Silhouette – Constructed from two sheer panels with fabric vanes in between, Silhouettes provide a wide range of light control options. They can be opened completely for an unobstructed view, the sheers can be lowered for minimal light filtering and a partial view, or the vanes can be closed for more light control and privacy.

Pirouette - Pirouette sheers provide the same flexibility in light control as Silhouette, but they have one sheer panel with adjustable loops of fabrics running horizontally through them. One less sheer panel means a better view when the sheer is closed, and the fabric loops can be closed to increase the shade.

Luminette - The best way to describe Luminette is to say they are Silhouettes turned on their sides. These vertical sheers are perfect for wide windows and sliding glass doors.

Nantucket - The Nantucket line gives the appearance of a Silhouette, but has fewer fabric options and is more cost effective.

Our window treatment experts would love to help you find just the right shade or sheer for your home. We serve the Greater Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Beach cities.