Types of Plantation Shutters

Choosing window treatments for your home doesn’t have to be a difficult task, especially if you’re looking for a classic and timeless appearance that will last a lifetime. Plantation shutters can add a sense of beauty to any room as well as provide great coverage for your windows. The friendly staff of Al’s Window Tinting can help you sort through the various types of shutters that Hunter Douglas has to offer and help you choose the perfect one that fits your home. Check out the following shutter products available and how they are individually unique to give you a better idea of which style to choose.

Heritance® Handcrafted Hardwood

The use of plantation shutters can be traced back for generations, and the old fashioned window treatments were generally made of wood. Hunter Douglas keeps it traditional and classy with their Heritance® series, a real wood plantation style shutter that is thoroughly constructed on the inside and offers a beautiful appearance on the outside. This special line of shutters is constructed with Truemill®, a dove tail method for piecing wood together that is highly durable and offers you the maximum strength, guaranteeing you a reliable window treatment for many years. Beyond its sturdy construction, Heritance® is available with numerous color choices, custom staining and the artisan Handcrafted Hardwood series, which presents six designs and stains for enhancing your natural wood. You can choose from glazed, to rustic, and even classic distressed for that worn and weathered look. With the Integra™ Finish applied to all Heritance® shutters, it doesn’t matter which color you choose for your treatments, as they will certainly shine with several coats of glossy luster to help maintain their appearance and make cleaning the wood much easier.

New Style

If you’re skeptical of placing true hardwood shutters in your home for any reason, Hunter Douglas offers a great alternative hybrid NewStyle® Plantation Shutters. These shutters have the appearance of real and natural hardwood, however, they are made from modern man made materials blended with wood instead. This allows NewStyle® shutters the ability to withstand moisture or wetness better than actual wood and to protect your furnishings against fading from the sun. The UltraGrain™ feature, which mimics the look of actual wood along with the dovetail construction, makes them appear very similar to genuine hardwood shutters. Adding the Finetech® finish will only enhance the look, as it gives them a long lasting and easy to clean surface that is smooth with a stain finish. Pair this, or any, of the Hunter Douglas shutters with their various hinge placements to create a unique and personalized look throughout your home.

Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters

For one of the most modern and distinctive shutters that Hunter Douglas produces, Palm Beach™ stands out amongst the rest. This Polysatin shutter is made from materials that provide countless benefits over traditional wood window treatments. For example, Polysatin material is highly resistant to extreme heat and sunlight, meaning it will not warp, bend, chip, or disfigure under high temperatures and direct light. These shutters can also withstand moisture and wetness, making them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where wood shutters aren’t usually recommended. They are also a good choice for covering large and expansive windows, and sliding glass doors, considering they can maintain their appearance against harsh light. They are reinforced with aluminum inside to maintain stability, and come complete with the Duralux™ finish that never needs sanding or staining while giving your shutters a freshly painted look that is easy to clean. For more information on Plantation Shutters in Clearwater FL, contact Al’s Window Tinting today. We serve the Great Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg and Clearwater to bring you the best shutters and window treatment service available.